Email and Microsoft 365 – The Modern Workplace

Email The Way Business Works Today

Email has evolved. We send a lot, and we receive a lot, we check it on our computer and we check it on our phones, and we don’t want to worry about space constraints or security.

YourIT Email services by Microsoft 365 include all the features you’d expect for a modern workplace, plus exert setup to ensure it’s secure and highly functional, as well as cloud to cloud backup (you didn’t think that just because it’s in the cloud and from Microsoft meant that it didn’t need to be backed up, did you?).

Defend Against Threats!

Cybercriminals are going after your organization in increasingly sophisticated ways. And today, the average cost of an SMB data breach is $120,000. (Kaspersky)

Save your company the money it would cost to remedy an attack with a single advanced solution that detects both old and new forms of phishing attacks and viruses.

With YourIT’s Email and Cloud Security Solutions powered by Microsoft 365, you don’t need to lose sleep over the potential risk of an attack. SMBs can get enterprise-level security to protect against all kinds of threats, including malware, viruses, phishing attempts, and malicious links.  

You don’t need to be a cybersecurity expert. Our solution is working every second of every day to detect any hidden threats in email attachments or links for you. 

Prevent costly cyberattacks with Microsoft 365!

Find Threats in Advance

Microsoft 365 Security uses Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Safe Links and ATP Safe Attachments to protect you from sophisticated threats hidden in emails.

Prevent Phishing Attacks

Our solution has AI-powered security that watches for signs of email impersonation. Now you can quickly identify any suspicious activities.  

Protect company devices

Enable multifactor authentication, which makes it harder for hackers to access company information, and benefit from built-in protection for Windows 10 devices. 

Collaborate while securing all company data, documents, and devices.

Offer a central hub for teamwork with flexibility and choice in how co-workers and customers connect, share, and communicate.

Microsoft Teams combines the structure of email with the network approach of social networking to deliver a teamwork platform that brings together different styles of working.

Enable employees to efficiently get work done from anywhere on any device!

Imagine a workforce without walls or limits where you have the flexibility to work from any location.

On average, 52% of employees work from home at least once per week. That’s why small and midsize businesses are turning to Microsoft 365 to keep their organization connected no matter where they are. 

With Microsoft 365:

Work anywhere on any device!

Open and manage work projects on your personal phone, laptop, or tablet and rest assured that business data stays protected with built-in mobile device management.

Stay connected to your team regardless of location with an integrated view of email, shared calendars, and contacts synced across devices in real-time.

Communicate better with remote colleagues thanks to group chats that enable you to send quick questions, share documents, and assign action items.

Collaborate with your team in real-time!

Work from anywhere by holding online meetings with anyone inside or outside the organization.

Make work easy using the meeting scheduling assistant, sharing screens, and collaborative note-taking as part of online meetings.

Collaborate in real-time with 1:1 or group chats focused on different work-streams.

Simplify file storage and sharing capabilities!

Access and share content from anywhere with Microsoft Teams desktop, web, and mobile apps.

Connect and work together across multiple projects and get important notifications in real-time.

Coauthor files simultaneously with popular productivity apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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